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Our new platform release ‘Harmony' is here 🎶 - AI-Powered Copilots and Featured Insights. Read the post

Operata Launches AI-powered CX Observability Copilots Fueled by a Trillion Contact Center Data Points

“In our ‘Harmony’ release we’re introducing Tenor AI as a ubiquitous layer of intelligence that opens up conversational data exploration, serves insights directly into the user’s workflow, and points them to areas that need attention the most.” – John Mitchem, Operata Co-Founder and CTO

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Operata awarded Amazon Connect Ready designation, joins a select group of AWS partners that have achieved this designation.
Announcing: Operata Awarded Amazon Connect Ready Designation

Amazon Connect Ready highlights AWS Partners who have distinguished themselves as leaders in the contact center industry in providing solutions that integrate seamlessly with Amazon Connect software solutions.

The cost of poor customer sentiment represented by a disappointed customer separated from a call center agent by a maze of technology.
The Cost of Poor Customer Sentiment

Does poor CX drive poor customer sentiment, and what impact does that have on a company’s revenue?

Observability software requirements depicted in an illustration of a woman interacting with a touchscreen dashboard showing cloud contact center charts.
Observability Software Requirements for Cloud Contact Centers

Here are some key observability software requirements to keep in mind for a successful transition to and ongoing operation of a cloud contact center.

Call quality and customer sentiment represented by an image of a happy call center agent and a happy customer with several technology icons between them representing factors that can affect call audio quality.
The Impact of Call Quality on Customer Sentiment

Drill-down into correlated Operata and Amazon Connect Contact Lens data unearths valuable CX insights

Zombie Operata
5 Scary Facts About Call Centers

These five fiends make CX wane, haunted by a hidden CSAT drain.

CX Observability software stack represented in a diagram of labeled rectangles and software vendor logos.
The CX Observability Ensemble

Our combined expertise makes our software “sing”.

A DIY approach to CX Observability is DOA due to the inherent complexities involved in connecting customers to agents over the internet.
CX Observability: Why DIY is DOA

CX Observability is made from equal parts of innovative technology and “secret sauce”.

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